Student Conflict Resolution Center

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The Student Conflict Resolution Center is a private, impartial, and informal problem-solving resource for effective communication, collaboration, and conflict navigation.

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SCRC Interior All university students, undergraduate and graduate, are welcome and invited to explore any and all SCRC services, free of charge.
What we do

COVID Update: We are meeting virtually for all services either by phone or Zoom, depending on the student's preference. Please contact our office by email or phone and we will return your message within 2 business days.

We assist individuals and groups as they navigate difficult conversations. We also support student organizations in collaborative decision-making and governance. Our goal is to facilitate positive change through dialogue and across differences.

The SCRC uses a student-driven approach. We remain impartial and we respect diverse perspectives. We provide one-on-one conflict coaching, mediations as appropriate, small and large group facilitations, collaborative governance for student organizations, and restorative justice. 

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Office Hours are held on Tuesdays from 11:00 am- 2:00 pm via Zoom and by Appointment only.…